December 21, 2023

When is the Best Time to Visit Bend, Oregon?

Best Time to Visit Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, is a picturesque destination any time of the year. With four distinct seasons, Bend and Central Oregon host a bounty of indoor and outdoor activities and amenities that can keep everyone satisfied, all year ‘round. From snowsports and snowy cabin-stays in the winter to camping and river surfing in the summer, plus so much in between, Bend is a happening place with plenty to do. You’ll want to consider Bend as a vacation destination anytime of the year. 

Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon

Summer in Bend, Oregon

Clear skies filled with ample sun, and plenty of heat in the air to make you want to dip in the river; it’s summer in Central Oregon. Summer is a popular time to be here, and with good reason. The sunny conditions make the Deschutes River, along with more than a dozen local lakes within an hour’s drive of Bend, amazing spots to jump in and cool off. Locals and tourists alike love floating the river through town, and taking advantage of the convenient river shuttle to save time, along with the hassle of parking and driving your own car on a busy summer day. In the summer months, you’ll be able to see the Bend Whitewater Park in full force, filled with surfers wearing wetsuits, carving the waves. With plenty of water and hopefully a hat that provides some shade, summertime in Central Oregon is a great time to explore the many miles of hiking and biking trails that can connect you to lakes, rivers, mountains, scenic vistas and so much more. 

Couple Mountain Biking in Central Oregon.

Fall in Bend, Oregon

Bend and Central Oregon are blessed with a fall season that looks like something out of a movie set. In early fall, the weather stays warm enough to enjoy plenty of hiking and biking, but the cooler temperatures can make the trails more comfortable. During this time, the summer crowds die down, but the trails aren’t covered in snow yet. Put together, this makes fall the perfect time to check off a few hikes from your to-do list. When the leaves begin to change, don’t miss the chance to stroll through Downtown Bend and Drake Park, as the path through the park is lined with beautiful autumn colors of red, orange and yellow. As we get deeper into the fall season, local pumpkin patches open up to celebrate Halloween and all things harvest. Bend’s Fall Fest is another popular fall attraction, but in general, fall in Bend can be an amazing time to explore the city with fewer crowds and lines.

Spring hiking in Bend Oregon.

Spring in Bend, Oregon

Spring is the perfect time to savor your favorite cold weather activities, while getting ready for your favorite warm weather ones. Spring in Central Oregon brings slightly more unpredictable weather, but in general, the cooler-than-summer temperatures allow for the snowpack in the Cascade Range to remain well into the season, allowing for skiing and snowboarding up at Mt. Bachelor as late as the end of May. As the warmer weather creeps in, spring becomes a great time to explore high elevation hikes that winter conditions had made off limits. Plus, spring in Central Oregon means that the wildflowers are blooming. At the right time of the year, hikers, bikers and even some snowsport enthusiasts will be able to see a colorful array of flowers that signal the shedding of winter’s frost, and the bloom of a new season. 

Winter snowboarding in powder Bend Oregon.

Winter in Bend, Oregon

With snowsports, the holidays and winter ales aplenty, how can you not love Bend in the winter? Winter is the obvious favorite season for any snowboarder or skier coming to Bend, as Bend is a great basecamp for any trip to Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort or Hoodoo Ski Area. Snowshoers, cross country skiers, snowmobilers and anyone else who loves the snow will find the opportunity to have an amazing time when the temperature cools down here in Bend. As things get cold, warm up with any of Bend’s amazing indoor activities, like beer tasting, ax throwing, enjoying local music, art showings, go-karts and so much more. Winter can be an absolute playground here in Bend, for anyone of any age. From sledding down the hill at Wanoga Sno Park to conquering the backcountry on some split skis and a snowmobile, to even just enjoying a new winter ale at a local brewery, winter in Bend will have something for all tastes. 

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